Carbo-CAP-TEC: The pyrolysis technology of the future

Actively storing CO2? Our Carbo-CAP-TEC technology makes this easier than ever before. And even better than conventional pyrolysis methods. Why? Because Carbo-FORCE’s innovative method redefines the limits of what is possible using partial oxidation. Using targeted air injection, we fuel the process from the inside, not from the outside. That means: We heat biomass to very high temperatures in the absence of oxygen – up to 900 °C in some cases. This allows us to bind the majority of the carbon instead of simply releasing it as with conventional combustion. The end product of this process is premium-quality biochar from a variety of different input materials. These small but critical details make all the difference and set our negative emissions technology apart.

How our unique method works

Strong technology, clear advantages

What is partial oxidation?

Partial oxidation means that at high temperatures and with little oxygen, not all the fuel is incinerated as it is with carbonization. Instead, a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen known as synthesis gas is produced instead of the typical combustion products like CO2.

Carbon as a climate saver

Carbon as a climate saver

With our groundbreaking Carbo-CAP-TEC technology, we reduce your CO2 emissions by permanently binding the greenhouse gas in biochar. So why hesitate? Our method is your solution for a climate-positive future. 

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