Success stories – How our plants create added value

Reducing residues, generating renewable energy, improving carbon footprints: Our Carbo-FORCE plants can be used for a wide range of applications. And in this way, we create real added value for agriculture, communities, energy producers or industrial companies. But that's not all: The climate and environment also benefit. A success story? There's no doubt about it. From Germany across all borders, all the way to the United Arab Emirates. Here are a few impressive practical examples and references.


Dairy farm

In a secluded area of northern Germany, on an idyllic farm, a farmer relies on ourrevolutionary Carbo-FORCE CF-250 plant. In one year, our innovative technology accomplishes a lot: 

  • 2,000 t wood chips recycled
  • 500 t biochar generated as feed additive
  • 1,500 t CO2 saved
  • 4,500 MWh energy generated
United Arab Emirates

Camel farm

In the middle of the Arabian desert, a camel farm operates our Carbo-FORCE CF-250 plant. This plant is not only the first of its kind for commercial biochar production in the United Arab Emirates, but also processes a highly complex input material: camel manure. The quantities are impressive, with totals every year of up to:

  • 30,600 t camel manure are to be recycled
  • 13,800 t CO2 are to be saved

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