Pyrolysis plants that perform impressively in practice

Carbo-FORCE pyrolysis plants are far more than just steel containers. They can be individually scaled for all requirements and are conceived entirely for practical handling. This starts with their design, proceeds with installation and continues in daily operation. 100 % practical, 0 % complicated. So why hesitate? The future won’t wait for us – but we're waiting for you!

Useful heat
600 kW
Nominal thermal output
280 kg/h
Maximum throughput rate
25 %
Biochar production from dry input mass
1,720 t CO₂/a
Maximum CO₂ sequestration
8,000 h/year
Maximum operating hours
CF-250 carbonization plant by Carbo-FORCE including Big Bags

Theory can only get you so far – what matters is the practical application! Our plants focuses on simple and practical handling."

Kai Alberding
Managing Director

Advantages of our CF-250 plant

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