One plant, many applications

Limits? No way! Our Carbo-FORCE plants are highly versatile – the sky's the limit for their applications. That's because we dare to use unconventional input materials exactly where others hesitate. Without compromise, our equipment recycles a wide variety of residues and produces first-class biochar. An impressive feat? Absolutely. And the results are equally impressive. Along with biochar, our plants also generate renewable energy and CO2 certificates. It’s that easy, it’s that sustainable. What's your application?

From residue to valuable materials

Applications of our plants

Residue recycling

Our Carbo-FORCE plants are capable of handling many inputs, performing their job reliably for a wide range of different materials:

  • All wooden biomass from substitute fuel up to A4 waste wood
  • Peels, seeds and other crop residues
  • Animal manure on wood chips
  • Sewage sludge and fermentation residues
  • Sieve residues and lots more

Can’t find your residue type in our catalog? No problem. Get in touch with us – we can make anything possible for you. 

Energy recovery

Even better than autonomous: Not only are Carbo-FORCE plants capable of supplying their own energy, they also produce up to 4,500 MWh of additional useful heat per year. For on-site consumption or feeding into the local heating or district heating grid. And thanks to strong partners, we can also convert the generated heat into electricity.

Biochar production

Thanks to its positive characteristics, biochar is incredibly versatile.

  • Feed charcoal: Binds toxins, promotes digestion and animal health.
  • Soil conditioner: Improves soil structure, water retention capacity and nutrient storage.
  • Construction material: Stable and resistant, suitable for lightweight concrete and heat insulation.

Our Carbo-FORCE plants don't just reduce CO2: they also actively store carbon by binding it in biochar for up to 1,000 years. The quantity bound by this process can be converted into carbon removal certificates, which are highly in demand and can be offered on the market or used to achieve your internal climate targets.

Your added value

Your added value

Reducing residues, generating renewable energy, storing CO2 and generating high-quality biochar – our plants make it all possible. You can benefit now! 

What are carbon removal credits?

While conventional CO2 certificates are often awarded for carbon neutrality, Carbo-FORCE plants generate carbon removal certificates. These are distinguished by the fact that they actively bind carbon instead of just avoiding it. This means that the carbon footprint can actually be well below zero, in comparison with carbon-neutral alternatives like solar power plants or wind turbines. To put it simply: With us, you can help fight combat change.

Do you have any questions?

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